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Thread: SOLVED: Orchid ovens all messed up!

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    What?s going on???? I?m so confused.

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    Now first oven recipes gone?! We better get more time or lower number of recipes requires. Also, is side goal prize going to change? Are they aware it?s the same prize as the previous side goal? These mistakes getting worse with each goal. Time for Storm8 to clean house.

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    Sloissants just disappeared from the recipes, I cannot complete the goal :/

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    Yes. I have the same problem. First appliance recipes are gone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LifeThruABook View Post
    What?s going on???? I?m so confused.
    Sounds like a quote from an S8 programmer

    (sorry LifeThruABook, not aimed at you, just couldn't resist...)

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    I have 4 Orchid Oven. 1 Orchid Oven can’t find any Flower Tower recipe. But the other 3 Orchid Oven still cooking Flower Tower. I am confused ��*♀️ what is happening???
    Enjoy Baking! 🍰

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    For such a simply made game why are there so many issues? Better question is why do I keep buying gems for a game the creators can?t make sure works properly before introducing new goals 🤔
    guess I need to stop giving them money. Can?t even fix the issue of placing things on the wall in the back corner. That?s been busted since I started playing.

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    Help! Goal says make 12 flower towers, but the recipe does not exist! I see sloissants are gone and orchidai swirl in its place. They fixed one mistake and caused all sorts of new problems! I don't know what to do!

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    I?ve given up on completely finishing the goals. The game used to be relaxing now it?s becoming stressful. I took a break for awhile and switched to solitaire and a coloring app. I refuse to spend money on these games

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    I've been playing this game since i KNOW 2013.. There was NEVER this many issues. We got new content every week and a goal once a month!! What is happening???!!

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