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Thread: Leaderboard points not counted

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    Leaderboard points not counted

    1) Peachtreeshoppe
    2) iPad
    3) iOS 12.3.1
    4) I got the notification about the new foe, new discovery, tricks of the trade, and daily hunts. I killed a forest wisp and got tokens, blue dire boar, and nearly all of a golem. THEN mid-golem, the announcement for the leaderboard popped up, and it loaded with me in 15th place at 0 points and others with more than 100 points. How can I get my points for the wisp, boar and golem? Shouldn't all of the goals started at the same time including leaderboard points, considering others already had the points when it loaded?

    Thank you!

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    The Leaderboard matchmaker can take up to one minute to match you with a group. I'm sorry, actions completed before you're matched into the group aren't eligible for retroactive credit for the Leaderboard.

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    That's disappointing. First no weekday warrior, then hundreds of missed tokens by fighting 30+ wisps an hour before a monster hunt started, then more than a hundred leaderboard points missed due to a lag in the matching process... Arg. Thanks for the reply, Elsa.

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