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Thread: Castle Story 7/11: Beast Master Challenge | *goals and inventory info on page 1*

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    I sure wish that dire boars & skunkupines qualified for Novice Hunter! They are a LOT easier to come by than fangbeasts!

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    Quote Originally Posted by redbullangel View Post
    Cheers, all! S8, whatever you did to LB to make it more equitable, thanks!
    It's just luck isn't it? Mine is no more equitable than before and I know the people closest to me are in a favourable time zone because of how the scores jump whilst I'm asleep.

    I got my 4th Armoured Direwolf and have now "parked my troll" as I should manage to remain in my preferred 4th/5th/6th prize slot. I'll trade in all my made items as close to the end as I am awake for.

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    Have had two Mercury feasts so far from the gold token Maxotaur. Both very welcome.

    Idrispad: cleverly sneaky deployment of made items. ; )

    To all: If you want the LB prize and are in the running somehow (I am over 30k points behind) - GOOD LUCK! : )
    Nymeria is kingdom name, WishTheyWereReal, esp the unicorns! Huge thanks to people who contribute to the forum.

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