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Thread: Please allow us to cancel ingame gold purchases or give us a gold bank to store gold?

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    Lightbulb Please allow us to cancel ingame gold purchases or give us a gold bank to store gold?

    So I was thinking, why doesn't dragon story allow us to have a GOLD bank so that we could safely store our gold in it and take it out for sales when we wanted to buy something so that we can quickly buy the things we want and not have to worry about pocket purchases making us go completely broke? I have a tiny iPhone so my screen gets pressed REALLY easily which is why I had to tape cardboard over the silvercoins purchase spot permanently blocking their purchases and now I’m going to have to do the same to the food spot too. Also, giving us the ability to cancel a purchase would be nice too!

    I have been thinking about this for a long time, because it drives me absolutely crazy that if you accidentally carry your phone around and then the next thing you know when you check it you see PROCESSING on your dragon story game and it's purchasing something and you have NO WAY TO STOP IT, it's completely unfair. I had issues with accidentally purchasing silver coins so badly that I actually cut out a piece of cardboard and taped it over the spot that allows you to purchase silver coins so now I'm permanently unable to purchase silver coins from the main screen. However, I should have taped a piece of cardboard to the food section too because I had just accidentally spent over 600 gold on food I didnt want and now I am left with 3 gold and I can't afford to buy more gold until the end of the month so I am absolutely DEVASTATED!

    I was going to buy the next two wild things habitats as I purchased the 1st one. I'm sooooo upset I'm about ready to cry because I literally spent hundreds of dollars on this game in the past two months because I bought 2 nests, another evolution den and I activated my 2nd breeding den and used a bunch of gold to compete for the LB event and I bought of July 4th dragons on sale so I am completely broke. That gold I bought on sale was the very last I could afford until the end of the month because I am on permanent disability I don't get a lot of money.

    Allowing us to have a safe place to store our gold until we need it or allowing us to cancel gold purchases would actually save support a lot of trouble!

    So while I did send in a ticket, I am guessing support must be very busy because I haven't had a response and I sent in my 1st ticket over 7 days ago...
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    Do they still only refund one accidental gold purchase? Or did they do away with that?

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    Thank you for the suggestion. I'm closing the thread because it's leaning towards support discussion and policy.

    Support may reverse an action on a case by case basis. I recommend not using the items or currency that you want removed until you receive a response with an answer on your reversal request. Thank you for being so patient. Our support team is experiencing a high volume of requests. If you have a time sensitive request, please inbox me your ticket number and I'll do what I can to help.

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