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    Directionals Habitats


    July 2019

    North: Feral Figures
    East: Vibrant Vortex
    South: Mega Flowers
    West: Big Brambles

    Extra Habitat: Zebra Stripe Garden

    August: "Island Vacation!"

    North: Eruption Island
    East: Oasis Island
    South: Sunken Sandbar
    West: Shady Island

    September 2019

    North: Great Pyramid
    East: Hydro Temple
    South: Floodplain

    Observation Ring/Anti Gravit Zone/Starry Stream/Xeno Forest

    Love/heart/Valentine habitats : Valentine Falls (N), Gorgeous Glade (E), Lovebloom Field (S), and Amorous Flame (W).

    Flower/blossom : Boreas Petals, Ventus Petals, Auster Petals, and Aurora Petals, and the 5th habitat is the Motherbloom.

    Cliffside Castle
    Enchanted Gates
    Valentine Falls
    Mount Mythicus
    Great Glacier
    Boreas Petals
    Observation Ring
    Feral Figures

    Dragon Station
    Sorcerous Sanctuary
    Gifting Grotto
    Heroic Camp
    Lovebloom Field
    Sharpsun Sands
    Auster Petals
    Anti Gravity Zone

    Punching Pines
    Toboggan Knolls
    Royal Forest
    Gorgeous Glade
    Rumination Forest
    Regal Castle
    Aurora Petals
    Starry Stream


    Flying Field
    Malicious Market
    Amorous Flame
    Oracle Pool
    Ventus Petals
    Xeno Forest
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