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Thread: SALE: 2019 July 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by monstertop View Post
    Oh man, I wonder if I should open a few crates since none of the items are exciting...

    Same here. That's what I'm gonna do myself... hit the crates. Just can't stand getting duplicates. Glad they're only 12 gems instead of 16 gems. Will be able to open maybe a couple more. Already have most of the items in the sale & what I don't have I'm completely dissapointed with. This sale is just a let down. Hopefully the next one S8 might make it up to us.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnirasSweets View Post
    Let me start on a positive note: I'm very glad that we were given a sale this month since we didn't get anything last month. I was so disappointed last month with nothing to buy and was genuinely excited to this sale pop up. Other than that, I'm struggling to find a way to stay positive about this release.

    My thoughts:

    - Why do they continually break up sets in a sale?! There are 4 Tables on offer but only 2 Chairs - in no universe does that make sense. And it's really peeving me that this has to be the 5th time in recent memory that the Trampoline Table has been offered in a sale but not the chair. Why?

    - Why did they not relist the rest of the items that were released with the Trampoline and Athletics Tables? The Summer Game items have been asked for again and again yet they never relist them. This would've been a perfect opportunity to put them on offer, I know many players who would spend lots of gems to finally have those items. Especially the gem items and the appliances from that goal set.

    - With the timing of the event, why did they not offer more Summer/4th of of July items? Again, I can think of lots of items folks have been asking for that would've been great additions to this sale.

    - Mystery Boxes at half price are not enough of a draw in a sale for most players to shell out for gems. The uncertainty of which prize will be won is just too off-putting for lots of players to want to 'waste' their gems. Putting the box items out for direct purchase is a better way to go for both the players and the company.

    - There is barely anything on offer so would it not follow that there is barely any reason for players to purchase gems? Seems pretty self evident that if you want to make more money, you offer more products - just sayin'.

    In conclusion, while I really do appreciate the time and effort the team put forth to give us another sale, I feel this is more of a teaser than an actual sale. I can only hope this means we will be seeing another large sale this summer similar to what was offered in April.
    Agree with all of the above. I've passed along this feedback - thanks!
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