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Thread: Restaurant Story: July 2019

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    Apr 2019
    Pls add krw1222. Need neighbors. I do not require daily visits/ or tips. I do gift parts and expect parts and goal food pls. Thanks.

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    Jul 2019

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    Add me Southernbellies seems not alot of players anymore😩

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    Add me: XavierHiram

    Need active neighbors currently building a hotdog stand 👌

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    Nov 2015
    I need more neighbors for gift, please add me : Cleonath

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    Jul 2019
    Add me SketchHE

    Thank you to anyone that does

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    Add me need materials, will send materials too

    Storm ID: XavierHiram

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    Hi guys! I tip once a week from wall and news feed first, as i work 2 jobs, and then off friends list if i have time. I try to gift daily, especially during goals, but food when there arent goals. And i clear tables a few times a day. If this sounds good to you feel free to add me!!!
    Bakery Story: dredrizzle420
    Restaurant Story: dredrizzle322

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    Well it's that time again, I need neighbors who are actively playing and will respond to my requests. I'm online multiple times a day, I don't always gift or visit but I always respond to requests. If this is acceptable to you feel free to add me as a neighbor. I'm also on Bakery Story and Castle Story.

    My friend code is curiouskim

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