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Thread: FOREST PARTY: Sprinter - 2019 Jun 21

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    These events are pointless for me as well. No space left so there?s no point in any decoration and runes are worthless now. I have 1822 of them. The first Abuja, weather its new or not has to sit in storage so basically a waste.
    I have 4 nests and more coins than I know what to do with. So during these events, all I do is breed for crystal animals I don?t have and keep my four nests full, and that?s it. I don?t feed or evolve anything. I can unlock community prizes the way and get food without losing any. But even at that, I?m not sure it?s worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mymonta View Post
    So here is my feedback on Forest Parties for experienced players. I don't know if the development team will ever see this or not, but here it goes.
    When you have a mature account, the Forest Party is basically pointless, and here is why:
    1. The first item we earn is a points giving deco that becomes useless after the event. Even more so now that they don't even bother to make new decos - they are all repeats from the past.
    2. The second item is also a deco, which most of us don't have room to display.
    3. The third item is another points giving deco. See my explanation of #1 above.
    4. We finally unlock community prizes, which are: another deco that we have no room for; FOOD - this is the only useful item for landlocked players; however, we have to invest at least as much food as we earn in feeding animals to evolve them to earn points. In fact, I usually spend way more food evolving animals than what I win in this event. So this item is kind of a wash. Third community prize is runes, which are useless for maxed out players.
    5. We can get an older animal that we may or may not have, which is ok. I mean, it's better than 0 animals when the point of the game is to collect animals.
    6. Finally we have the opportunity to get a new animal, but it is impossible to do so without spending gold. Therefore, why not just put the animal in the sales shop for 250 gold to begin with and forget the event aspect altogether?

    Ok, as I have mentioned, I did recently start a baby account. For that account, the FP is good for getting food (although, again, I spend more than I win, but since that account has new animals that I want to grow up anyway, it's okay) and RUNES!! And, of course, possibly getting as far as getting the first animal prize, which all are new for that account. But grinding it out for a week for 8 runes and 15,000 food and the possibility of 1 animal is more like work and less like a game.

    So, ummm, take that, S8!
    Absolutely spot on Mymonta - my sentiments exactly!
    However I think the Leaderboards are now equally naff. - At least you used to get a few older animals and a habitat without the need to 'fight' for top place for the new animal! But now I refuse to waste my time working for a few measly coins and food prizes. Yes the free 4-place habitat is nice, but then I've nowhere to put it - Oh yes in store - along with numerous others, countless d?cor, plus (worst) now over 300 'new' animals who will never see daylight!!! ? And what happened to the Storybook Adventures???
    Oh yes FFS is really great these days (not)?
    Rant over
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