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Thread: Is Anyone Else Frustrated to the Point of Quitting?

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    Is Anyone Else Frustrated to the Point of Quitting?

    I have been playing this game for years. Looking through some reviews on the App Store and here in the forums I have noticed common subjects?the game is slowly getting impossible, goals are too hard (without tons of active neighbors and using diamonds) and Storm8 is ignoring us. Has anyone else noticed this? Or feel like quitting? Do you think it will ever change?

    For me personally a lot of my neighbors have stopped playing (more stopped after the changes last year) and it is almost impossible for me to complete new goals. I have already missed out on two. I missed the latest one because I fell asleep in the last five hours of the goal and I was not able to get the food off the stove before the timer ended. One goal (the recent Bee goal) I had to use diamonds to complete. I have always liked collecting items but now I do not know if it is worth the stress. I always completed goals in previous years. They are also putting less thought into new items and putting random recipes on old ovens.

    As a community, what are your opinions?

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    Yeah. I’m really frustrated, too. And I see a lot of people posting goodbye on each other’s walls because they’ve had enough.

    I know this game could be stellar but it really feels like we are being ignored by S8

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    Agreed, same reasons. Also :
    I'm an android player and a senior! Most people I meet in these games are also elderly people . One of our main other complaints being fontsize is way to small. I've tried to enlarge it in my device but not working in these games? The names of the items in inventory, our walls etc., are hardly readable! Playing too long causing headaches!
    Of course younger people have no problem with this 🤓.
    Also seniors won't participate into a forum much I think, so you won't ever hear a complaint about this.
    I wonder if s8 could at least do something about the font size.
    No, of course not!!

    It's also almost impossible to earn gems these days! No time to complete your recipes to 4 stars! Of course, this is putting me off to invest money in this game any longer. I used to buy gems at sales. In the past we could at least earn some by installing other s8 games! Some Ios players I know have hundreds of gems- by watching videos etc--which is a big inequality, in my opinion.

    I skip most of the goals ever since the big change.. Still here tho, only for keeping in touch with my friends. Also, I think they are trying to manage too many games with hardly any staff these days.
    Not listening to your customers could be the end, in my opinion.
    Really sad. Long time player for years too, ever since 2012.
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    If I work and sleep (and I refuse to set an alarm/wake up just to serve food), I cannot finish most goals. Makes the game way less fun. I've been thinking about quitting more & more often. I really should just quit. I've lost many neighbors since the new goal format was implemented.

    HOWEVER, it is now possible to finish, even if you don't have decent neighbors. It just requires more tapping than I can do. This tap-tap-tapping is a bonus for some people. (Just not me.)

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    Yep I miss when Team Lava was in charge.
    I started Bakery Story in 2010 on an iphone and find it sad to see what it has become.

    Every new goal I say to my husband, "Why am I still opening this!"
    I feel like its just some completionist obsession more than anything else now. Like if i quit.. OH NO I will miss an appliance and maybe it will have some cute cupcake recipes! I don't get any enjoyment with Bakery Story anymore.

    I know im not alone in feeling more stress from it than anything else. Icing on the cake is upgrading to a Galaxy s10+ i don't even get notifications now. I fear the next goal (tomorrow) could be a reason to finally quit since I will likely keep missing those 1-3 hour recipe timers without them.

    When I think about it, over the last few years due to the lack of time and the outdated, obtuse UI of the game; since it takes forever to make changes with decor and finding that decor to begin with, sad to say my bakery has become more of an organized functional space with the loading corner changing per goal (wallpaper, floor, table) so people know I am still active without having to search for recent appliances or hunt for the new goal recipe(s) on a counter.

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    I agree with above responses. I think I have been playing seven or maybe nine years. Many neighbours are no longer there and it is not as much fun. RS is even more difficult and I have many uncompleted goals there.

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    If the game continues like this, I don't see myself playing much longer. I've started to dread goals, the prizes, etc. The only things I look forward to now are sales. I decorate, for the most part, with past items as the recent items are just hard to incorporate

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    For feedback on goals, please post in respective goal threads. Thanks.

    Closing thread as this thread is leaning towards being a duplicate goal thread.

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