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Thread: GOAL: Sandy Daze - 2019 Jun 25 (15 Days)

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    I'm sad that I can't play since I don't have my iPad.
    Also, if any of my neighbors are reading this, I will send gifts as soon as I can. Hopefully it won't take long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wtfitbs2 View Post
    This surprised me too

    I can think of more than a few things that could?ve been fixed before this, but then I?d be veering off topic lol
    I agree.
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    I do appreciate that the recipes for the side goal cook times aren’t too short or too long
    BS- No longer accepting neighbors

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    Ohhh they fixed the issue

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    Turns out the counter look a bit weird with food on it

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Lol I knew this bug wasn?t going to last S8 doesn?t like their players happy !! The one time I was happy about a goal. It sucks for those who used gems to skip building the 3 oven now they have to building anyways. And I can?t believe they fixed that first and not the collectables. Well at least the goal is still nice. And even thought the floor decor doesn?t seem beach/summer it?s more like ocean. And for the counters they don?t really seem to go with the theme. They should?ve done one with sand and shells on a clear box. But I still love the floor decor I can?t wait to put it out.

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    The lemon berry popcorn looks just like the porridge from the mother?s/nursery themed goal. I hate how it looks. We need cute recipes ! Please! Popcorn??? I probably would of liked if they actually had a mixer for the second oven instead. Refreshing drinks would?ve been better.

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    Good news. I actually maybe able to do this goal and finish. Just found out the status of my iPad. They are replacing it, and it looks like it may arrive tomorrow sometime.
    Anyways, hopefully everything will work and transfer to the new iPad. If not, I guess I might need to contact support. Should I go ahead and tell them I might need help or just wait?

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    I'm not able to play new goal

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    If only they could fix/apply other things just as quick as they fixed the 'nice' bug....
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