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Thread: Ability to select multiple friends at one time

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    Angry Ability to select multiple friends at one time

    The one thing that is keeping me from playing my game more is that I have so many friends and everytime I have to request items from players it is very frustrating having to click on every single person instead of having a select all button! How difficult is this?? There are more missions now that require us to seek help from friends but it is so tedious that I just lose out on those dragons if I can't hatch them. Very upset about this. I know it's been suggested many times. In addition, when I select the first four people and scroll to the next four, the first ones come unchecked and I have to start at beginning please help!!!!

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    Yes, I would love the ability to "send to all"!

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    I third this suggestion!

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    I have often wondered this same thing.

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