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Thread: Excessive goals

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    Excessive goals

    I posted about a month ago and I see that you seem to be ignoring what a great many of us have requested. The goals need to be spread out and made less challenging. I have a real life with a real job and the length, frequency, and required parts for the goals are unrealistic. Unless you can listen to your customers, and we are customers, I think that this will be my last goal and I will shut down my restaurants. I have two. I used this to unwind after work, but it is no longer enjoyable, I have more important things to do than worry about whether or not my food will spoil or if I'll be able to finish the goal in time. This most recent " barnyard" goal is preposterous, especially the side goal. I am not happy and am very dissatisfied and disappointed that you seem to be ignoring what many of us have asked for over 2 years. As of now I am no longer purchasing gems. It's a shame because I have encouraged many friends to download your game, I won't be doing so again anytime soon. This also goes for Bakery Story. I really feel that you do this so that we are forced to buy gems. Not a good business practice, I buy plenty, but no longer.

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    Please continue the discussion in the thread where you have posted previously or post your feedback in respective goal thread.

    Kindly refrain from creating duplicate thread of the same topic, as per forum rules. Closing duplicate thread.

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