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Thread: What to spend gems on

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    What to spend gems on

    I restarted this game after a couple of years away (couldn?t remember old account). I bought some gems and have 1800. What are the best things that I can buy? I have a quest to buy a rooted mine. 400 gems, 100 gem reward for buying. Is that worth it?

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    Definitely not rooted mines, do not spend gems on this terrible buy.

    You didn't say where on the game you're and what purchase you've already made. In this game now extra energy sources are crucial to complete timed events that are very energy intensive.

    I'd get 2 wizard schools first. Also if you have a discount for Beast Bane then get it. Then I'd hold tight to my gems, watch all the gem traps by tapping very slowly, and wait till the next sale which may be this July 4? Every Monday they'll have a darling door buster sale which mostly offers silly useless animals but sometimes they have something great for sale as well. When there's a massive sale like Thanksgiving of Easter sale I'll get alicorns, gold mines, bounty table, cabbage hut, etc. These are wonderful to have and they're usually half off during those sales.

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    Only level 10. Have 1 wizards school and one orange tree. How do the sales generally work? Is it on gems or on items purchased by gems? Is everything off from it?s the last one?

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    Sales on gems come and go.
    I think the sale Melany77 means is on items purchased by gems.
    They never put everything on sale, but things that are are often half priced.

    I agree the best purchase is a second wizard school. (you can't have more than 2)
    You can upgrade them with spellbooks from a Library or Old Thomas House, and they are very good energy suppliers.
    Fruit trees and glimmerdust troves are handy, but you sometimes win them as a 'box drop' from adventures.
    If you could manage to hold onto your gems for a big sale it would be a very good thing!

    Be careful not to spent your gems on stuff you don't want. There is no 'confirmation button' so if you click on something that costs gems you lose your gems.
    The most dangerous is the 'speed up' option always appearing in your game when you click on something that is not ready yet. (it's called a 'gem trap' when you tap on it, there is no way to undo it)
    Good luck!
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    I would hold onto those gems until a nice sale with daily alicorns comes along. I agree with the wizard school purchase as well.

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