Hi everyone! I really love working to make my forest bigger and bigger. So I play strategically to try and get as many runes as I can. Sometimes I aim for getting 3rd on the leaderboard challenges just so I can get the 20 rune prize. I spin the 3 hr wheel as often as I can in hopes of winning 10 runes. I always win enough items to get the community prizes in the community events so I can earn runes that way too. I've been saving up my gems to maybe purchase the Concussive Canary so I can expand even faster in the game. In light of this, can anybody help me answer the following questions before I spend all my gems on this one animal?

  1. Is there anyway to find out how many times someone has expanded in their forest?
  2. It now costs me 99 runes to expand and it's been that way for a while now, does anyone think they can estimate how many times I've expanded?
  3. How far can someone actually expand in their forest?
  4. How many plots are there total?
  5. Is there a limit to the amount of times someone can expand?

Thanks for any help you can offer in answering this questions!