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Thread: It's so hard to safe coins & get ahead

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    It's so hard to safe coins & get ahead

    I've played farmstory2 a few years ago then deleted it, then just recently i came back to play again, now i realize why i deleted it, its bc i cant seem to expand bc there are no parts around, i only have some but its not enough, its hard to save any coins bc there are so many quests and even if i make anything to sell i either need it for tasks or im not making much coins bc of the items im selling or there isnt enough room, they only give you 12 slots in the market which i feel should have an extra 4 more, i feel i can never get ahead or make enough coins to do anything or to buy anything i want, the quests ask for to much, mostly everything they expect you to buy is in diamonds and most quests require you to buy things in diamonds to complete the to do list i dunno anymore, i used to really enjoy this game i guess ill have to delete it again sad but true!

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    I will advise you to do the following:

    1. crafting non stop for deliveries and sell leftovers in shop
    2. keep sending warehouse deliveries for parts
    3. get good neighbours for trading spare parts
    4. send partial trains if you can

    Focus your warehouse deliveries to get as many parts as you can. Try to open as many building slots as you can to keep crafting while away from your game.

    Tis sad to hear that you are leaving. Your game will be here waiting when you return.

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