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Thread: Castle Story 6/13: A Tinkerer's Tale | goals and inventory on page 1

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    My experience getting gears has been okay: always get 2, frequently 3, sometimes 4. This is not my bottleneck, nuts and bolts are, and of course the intense energy requirements for chains and oil. I'm happy for my good luck, recognizing this can change on a dime. I will abandon quest if necessary, but prize is attractive.
    Good luck to my friends and neighbors!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zirilka View Post
    Yes. This is going to be an arduous one.
    This is so monotonous and boring! It's basically a test of who can check their game every 1.5 hours, and nothing else. All it has done is slyly change it down from a 2 hour cycle to a 1.5 hour cycle....for two weeks.
    At this current drop rate, unless I quit my job, I'm out. Too short a cycle, and too boring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melany77 View Post
    I'm getting an average drop rate of 1.5 old gears per collection (7 robots).
    We need 261 gears. Assuming I collect 10 times a day (no life, no sleep) I'll need 17.4 DAYS to complete this event. To be honest, I didn't even collect 10 times a day, and I've been logging in constantly.
    So if this drop rate is not improved, no one will finish even if they log in every 1.5 hours for the next 2 weeks.

    S8, are you even listening? Who programmed this kind of drop rate into a 14 day event?
    The players spending gems on old gears will finish which is exactly what they want because as your numbers quite clearly show this isn’t feasible otherwise. What a shame too because everything looks so good, the design is great but the drops are more horrendous than usual. I’d rather a longer timer on the robots with a guaranteed drop on each collection. For now I’m going to continue and see how I get on but I’m really not expecting to finish this event.
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    I decideded to go ahead and get the flying raccoon, and by default, the flying monkey. I had extra gems, and thought the monkey, like the wisps from previous events, might be beneficial and drop event materials (silly me! ). First collection.....milk and a flag for rat tail. Sigh.

    The gears are definitely meant to be the road block. And S8 has gotten all the gems they're getting from me for this one. I am already bored and frustrated on day two. I keep hoping that they will come up with something new and creative (besides the artwork), silly me again. The only consolation is that the gems I did spend are strictly from drops that I've managed to accumulate over months of playing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bj2500 View Post
    what does the pet monkey which come with the flying raccoon drop. Would love to know if his monkey drops are useful.
    So far, all I've been getting is black flags for standard monster drops (Bones, Fur, Rat Tail, Creep Tooth) and milk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jkc619 View Post
    I killed an existing monster and went right to the sparkling mines and neither one of them spawned a monkey. That makes this great fun. Are they spawned any other way?
    The sawmills will also spawn monkeys
    Plz add: SofiaDeo, pinkpresence (Pinks Place), impylou (Queen Impylou on CS, Lil Sof on DS), aaerie.
    Plz ask all 4 or none, thx!
    Also have a non playing Level 6 acct just for sending out reqs: BigNutKracker (BNK).
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    Goal 12:
    Visit Old Thomas House (find Enraged Monkey)
    Defeat Enraged Monkey (25 hits)
    Reward Broken Flight Compass

    Goal 13:
    Repair Broken Flight Compass (1 Broken Flight Compass / 1 Golden Nugget / 10 Silver Ore)
    Visit Old Thomas House
    Defeat Enraged Monkey

    Goal 14:
    Hire a Pilot

    In Industrial WorkShop:
    2 Flight Suits/ 5 Old Gears / 3 Lumin Essence (Flight Suit from Goal 11 counts)

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    I still have not gotten a monkey to spawn after 3 collections from both sawmills and sparkling mines but I am getting plenty of direboars while chopping rocks!
    S8 please remove cap on level

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShibuyaCloth View Post
    Item # Industrial Beam Industrial Block Flying Wings Flight Suit Flight Goggles | Oil Canisters Old Gears Iron Chain Nuts and Bolts Metallic Feather | Energy Days Work
    Floating Tower 2 4 4 | 64 16 72 | 176 0,70
    Flying Pig 2 24 24 8 | 384 96 432 16 | 1 272 5,09
    Flying Machine 2 6 6 | 96 24 108 6 | 276 1,10
    Pilot Faerie 1 30 30 10 2 8 | 480 125 540 20 8 | 1 626 6,50
    Total 64 64 18 2 8 | 1 024 261 1 152 36 14 | 3 350 13,40
    Collector 83 83 24 3 13 | 1 329 338 1 495 49 19 | 4 381 17,52
    But we don't have 13,40 days. It's a little less than 13,35 for this event.

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    What does floating tower drop thanks

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