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Thread: GOAL: Barnyard Fun - 2019 Jun 11 (15 Days)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mogglo View Post
    Spoilage time equals 2.5 times the cook time. So a 16 hour recipe will spoil after 40 hours. I've timed spoilage several times myself and agree with this conclusion.

    Regarding the current goal recipes appearing on multiple appliances, I'm wondering if it's really a bug (why hasn't it been fixed yet?). Perhaps Storm8 is trying to make up for its less than stellar performance over these past months by "throwing the players a bone". I'm currently cooking my last batch of the second recipe on the second appliance. I should be finished with the main goal by tomorrow, which will leave me with about 10 days to work on Parts 2 and 3 of the side goal. I started the goal on Day 2 and have 20 appliance slots. The side goal isn't as daunting as it first appeared, if you have at least 18 appliance slots.
    What's the "bone"?! Not even pretending to fix the recipe mess?

    Another bizarre problem, for the second time today I served Barnyard Biscuits and though I got credit towards goal, not ONE biscuit landed on a counter. Don't have enough counters to lose one.
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