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Thread: 6th Birthday Alien Event - 2019 June 5

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    It?s cool. MM appeared in store when I refreshed the game.

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    Collected twice today from pigs and out of 24 only 2 goops. This is beyond the point of ridiculous. There?s zero chance of finishing this event and please no more of the solution of scouring the newspaper market for these needed items. Been there done that. I can?t live all day on my phone. Either the game is reasonably doable or it?s not. And on these luck of the drop events, it?s never reasonable. Have a great Sunday guys.

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    Im so annoyed at the pig goop drop rate. I even spent a couple bucks on the alien sign that is supposed to increase the rate. Then i tried collecting and got 1 drop from 24 pigs. Ripoff.

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    Finally! I gave up a few days ago... but I managed to get the alien pet. So cute! Wish you luck!

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    I almost gave up on this event but started buying from the market and was able to finish. I have to say I'm glad I didn't stop because the alien pet is one of my top 3 favorite pets, and I specially love the meteorite habitat! Super cute

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    Worked hard and won the alien but no meteorite home is available to buy. Help? 😭😭

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    Quote Originally Posted by NElove6 View Post
    Worked hard and won the alien but no meteorite home is available to buy. Help? ����
    Restart device and check again.

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    I have to say, it was a LOT of work and I am impatient so it cost a few bucks but that little alien is adorable. I don’t play this game daily anymore and I sit out a lot of challenges but I am thrilled with this little prize. So glad I stuck with it.

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    I think it?s my all time favorite. I love that little alien.

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    I am so upset that time is about to run out and I wasn?t able to complete this quest. Donuts from the fryer were disappearing today, they?d complete on the fryer but not show when it came to the party pack. Goop was near impossible to get unless you spent thousands...thankfully I was able to buy items today, but still not enough due to my food disappearing 😟
    I?m very disappointed about how this whole event was done. I needed more time or better drop rates.
    The aliens look so freaking cute too! Congrats to all the farmers who were able to complete!

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