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Thread: Where is Vela? -Mine Closed ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rfs04 View Post
    Well, its 9:30 am S8 time, they've had time to stroll in, kibbutz and have coffee and breakfast and time for someone to check forum messages but still the mine is closed.... guess they aren't too concerned about game play for their customers.

    With a game that's 24x7 its shameful they dont have 24x7 coverage especially with all the mistakes they continually make....aah perhaps the mine being closed is intended!!!!
    This raised a question in my mind - something that I am merely curious about and not being critical about, but still, I wonder. Do S8 staff actually check the forums much, or do they rely on the moderators (in our case, Kooky) to keep track of everything in the forum and just report to S8 staff when there is a problem?

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    The name says it all
    My dragon side of the mine is now open.

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