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Thread: Thai Food Feast Cruise **NEW POLL ADDED**

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    Thai Food Feast Cruise **NEW POLL ADDED**

    Thai Food Feast Cruise

    Cruise Guide

    Refer to
    Cruise Guide
    for more information.

    Cruise Day

    This cruise uses Set

    - On Day 2, we'll know if Set A is being used.
    - On Day 8, we'll know if it's Set B or C.


    Once you have completed all 10 days, Maiiwani will visit your restaurant every ? hours and drop you the ingredient to make the Coconut Pudding recipe (gem recipe). On Jubilee Oven .

    Gem Recipe

    Coconut Pudding- 6- flour/ 4 eggs /5 sugars/8 flowers

    Limited Time Recipes

    Thai Iced Tea (Diner Stove)
    Pad Thai (Commercial Range)
    Larb (Celebration Stove)
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