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Thread: What is really going on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sugarcat5 View Post
    I have been asking myself this question about this game for awhile. I saw a post maybe 1 or 2 weeks ago from someone who was convinced the game was ending and was offering suggestions about how S8 should go about it properly. Elsa was quick to reply that there were no plans to get rid of FFS and that S8 was trying to give players a break since there were so many complaints about too many events. The thread was closed after she replied so there was no further feedback. I'm confused with that answer because we still have back to back events so where is the break? A break once in awhile from events would be great. Less events, high quality prizes...that would be ideal. And we need more expansions and a way to store animals.
    Sugarcoat I agree with you 100%. More expansions and temper the “constant “ events with higher quality prizes. My only hope, and it may be foolish, is that they are doing re-do’s for the purpose of using the time to get FFS to the next level. That’s my hope. And I’m not totally against a former animal. New players may not have the ones from early on. I’ve had many of the recent tourney animals but I was never able to get a rock candy rhino and was pleased to achieve it last world event. But something is definitely happening.

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    I just started a third account in March or April since my other 2 are both landlocked. I was looking forward to filling it up with new creatures from new events, but now there is never anything to breed for because they don't give us breedable animals anymore: just ones that we may or may not win if we complete the Forest Party and the Leaderboard. I was so excited, and now I'm so bored. Obviously I can work on populating my forest with all the permanent breedables, but I already have them on my other accounts, so it isn't that exciting to get another easily breedable animal. I can try for crystal hybrids, but I need money, so I'm leaving my CU in his habitat to make some coin for a while.

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    Not sure if this belongs here but I?m not sure lol.
    I?m debating about bringing more animals out of storage as they are gathering dust in there but some are so nice, others im not bothered about.
    But if there?s no new animals coming out why bother saving space?

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