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Thread: Can't you guys do anything right?

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    Can't you guys do anything right?

    I love this game so much but I'm sooo sick of the people running it. You guys don't seem to be able to do anything right. Is there only one employee there? Person making dragons and off grid habitats and nothing else? How about spending some time fixing broken things like the always selected arcane symbol in the trading portal, adding or rather just unhiding the rest of the dragon types, updating the other buildings to have all new types like the trading portal has, fixing the type bar in the market that scrolls left and right behind other images, fix off grid habitats, adding more floating islands, fix the watch video for extra battle, fix the tales shortcuts not going to the quest or crafting, maybe adding types to battle arena so we don't have to scroll through thousands of dragons and maybe adding more to the codex like find my dragon ect. You guys think this game is going well as is? It's not. It's nothing but the same old same tournament, tales, events, buckets of dragons with no land to put them

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    Feedback about the game and quality of life suggestions are welcome. Armchair development and inflammatory remarks are not. While we’d love to give players everything they want, things that players believe are effortless require significant effort. If it were, we’d have done it already. Thank your for your patience and understanding. You’re invited to inbox me if you have further concerns.

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