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Thread: UNWANTED COINS PURCHASE UGLY SOLUTION! (Read if you ever had this happen to you!)

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    UNWANTED COINS PURCHASE UGLY SOLUTION! (Read if you ever had this happen to you!)

    Hello all! I'm about ready to scream while throwing my iphone down a well 'cause ever since I got my new iphone, the accidental purchases of silver coins has been happening to me to the point where I can't take it anymore so I had to find a permanent physical solution to stop this because I am sick and tired of the fact that there's NO WAY to CANCEL A PURCHASE ONCE IT'S started! I've begun to think my iPhone is possessed by a demon spirit that loves to purchase hoards of silver coins. As if the 345 MILLION silver coins I already owned wasn't enough, my iPhone demon has been absolutely determined to waste my hard earned gold on garbage coins I absolutely hate. .

    The worst part of this is...I don't have a lot of money, I have a lot of health issues. One of my issues is I have breathing problems because I have massive polyps in my nasal passages that almost completely block my nostrils when I lay down so I can only breathe out of one nostril. I am waiting to see the specialist because I need surgury to remove these polyps regardless of wether or not they're cancerous they have to go...I am waiting for tests to find out if they're cancerous or not...sadly for me there is a very high risk of that because my mom has cancer when she was 19 but thankfully had it removed and it didn't come back, however my grandpa died from leukaemia, my uncle died from lung cancer and my aunt had skin cancer removed. So the likelihood that I have cancer is very high..but that's just one of my my many issues, on top of that I also have scoliosis and because of all these issues I'm on disability so I'm quite poor so I can only afford to buy gold once a month otherwise I won't have enough money for bills or groceries and that would be bad!

    But still, I really love this game it's my little escape and I love collecting my dragons and participating in events but when this happens it's devastating 'cause I have to wait such a long time before I can purchase gold again. I can't afford unwanted in app purchases...I am too poor. Even worse is that as a gift my friend bought me 530 gold via PayPal so I could buy the motherbloom habitat I wanted to go with my quad petal paradise habitats and save my remaining gold for future champion dragon sales. Well GUESS WHAT?!? 100 gold wasted on unwanted 2 million silver coins which I saw processing while I was holding my iPhone and freaked out! I immediately force shut down my game and hoped and prayed when I restarted that the purchase did not go through. My heart sank when I loaded and saw it did take my 100 gold ...there was absolutely NOTHING I could do to stop it!! That's SO unfair! Now I can't buy my champion dragons when they come out on sale (I only have one so far and plan to buy more to save money on tournaments fighting the champion dragons so I don't need to pay 30 gold for ultimate attack.) )

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    (*Pic is to show the colossal amount of useless silver coins I have. *)

    I'm really quite devastated and depressed there is no way to cancel unwanted purchases so I made a hideous physical solution to save me the despair...and this is it. A very hard thick small piece of cardboard taped directly over the area where the silver coins purchase is. I never have any other issues with this game except for the quests I compete to play and install a game not giving me gold and random constant crashes but these silver coins...I hate them. I hate them so much. It has become a stressful fear of mine. If I could just cancel these purchases I wouldn't have to do here is my solution.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    (*note: pic taken in mirror so image is flipped*)

    There you go folks. That's how you hideously, permanently stop unwanted in app purchases of silver coins until either you rip the tape off on purpose because you've lost your mind and actually WANT to purchase them because the demon possessing your phone ended up possessing you in order to purchase them( lol jk) OR...dragon story does the responsible thing and gives us an option to cancel in game purchases ourselves or gives us a gold bank or a gold safe so that we can safely store our gold which I think would be an excellent solution to keep from people complaining about in app purchases and that means less work on tickets! I think having a gold safe or a bank to store our gold safely so we can save it for a special dragon we want to get . I think it's a brilliant idea and one that we desperately need!

    Also, to any staff reading this I sincerely hope you can take my suggestion seriously and acknowledge the lengths I have gone to to stop these purchases from happening to me permanently and hope that you can help me on my ticket because it's now physically impossible for me to purchase silver coins...believe me, I tested my little thick piece of cardboard relentlessly to make DEAD CERTAIN that no matter how I press that area of my screen with the cardboard that the purchase for those evil silver coins does NOT come up EVER!!!
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