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Thread: Restaurant Story: June 2019

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    Jun 2014

    Restaurant Story: June 2019

    Looking for active neighbours?

    Post your Storm8 ID here. Only one post per ID please.

    Information for new players:
    Check out Welcome to Restaurant Story to get started. Happy Cooking!

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    ID: fireinwinter
    Daily player, I respond to all gift requests and try to leave coins when I can!

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    May 2017
    Please add me Kaygee17 �� I am returning after a break. Will play daily and honour all requests.
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    Please add me Moontjeb

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    Toronto, ON, Canada
    ID: kimmy42 and kwong888. I am Level 99. Add me for parts only, I accept all requests. Sorry no tipping. Thx.

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    I have restarted a new game. Please add MyLoveAlways

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    Add me superfacelicker. Restaurant Story only, gift Stew or whatever you want me to gift you.

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    add me: heatherfayee

    im a daily player

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    I'm looking for players who respond to requests, gift parts and play daily, but are easy going about visits and tips.

    My I'd is topcat99

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    Add me @ inverseradiance

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