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Thread: Bakery Story: Current Bugs and Issues (Thread 2)

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    Hi! I have been playing bakery story for about a week and for the past couple of days my game is crashing on me. Every time I go to prepare food, collect tips, or design the app will crash and close. I am playing on WiFi, I have plenty of storage, there are no apps running in the background, I have all unused apps deleted, and the app and phone is all up to date. I am playing on an iPhone 11. Thanks!

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    I have an Amazon Fire 7 tablet, version Fire OS
    Bakery Story game version
    Restaurant Story game version
    Fashion Story game version
    They all keep going to a black screen when I try to play the game.

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    Hello ... I just baked and served Magic Trick Cupcakes and I wasn’t given credit in the game.

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    Android 10
    pixel 3
    bakery story
    not receiving notifications
    have tried all the standard fixes

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    I'm having same issue on my phone.
    Android 10
    Pixel 3a
    Bakery Story version
    Not getting food notifications or video feed for ads when available. Tried the fixes as well with no fix to it.

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    I just lost 2 servings of a recipe that takes 10 hrs. because of getting disconnected again. So instead of 9 of 24 finished I now have 7 of 24 served. Still not sure what to do since we have tried all of the steps for getting disconnected & game crashing & still running into problems.
    Praying that this gets fixed.

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