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Thread: Bakery Story: Current Bugs and Issues (Thread 2)

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    Are you saying you lost all your food or only selected food?

    If you lost all your food, you have encountered a quick sale when you blocked your door. The food sold off quickly when you opened the doors again.

    If you were saying that you lost selected food on your counters, rest assured that the game does not remove selected food. You might have stored the counter and lost the food in the progress. Or maybe when the game combined your food, check your bakery very closely and see if your food was on an "hidden" counter block from your view, hiding behind a decoration or something.

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    Been experiencing some issues when gifting lately. Screens taking very long to load specifically when gifting.

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    I'm not receiving collectibles parts when cooking on the new pumpkin Patch Oven for current goal. Hope you can help me out. This is not the first time this has happened with a new goal oven. Thanks

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    This morning when the new goal started I requested Acorn Acuator from my neighbors including Stormie. I have great neighbors that are always quick to gift and respond to any parts request. Well in the four hours since sending out the request the only one that has responded is Stormie. I have asked some of my neighbors if they received the request from me and none of them can recall seeing one. They have all said they have accepted all request that the received. I only have 2 Acorn Acuator. One that was gifted and the one from Stormie. I have received parts request from my neighbors. I tried to resend again but got a message saying I had already asked. Is anyone else having the same problem please.

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    I haven't been able to use my 2 hour video, it has been failing for weeks. I tried redownloading the game and no luck.... Any suggestions??


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    Hello ~ each time anyone takes an expired item from the catalog to place in their bakery. *The entire catalog goes to the front right away...even if you have 5 of that item. *Takes the fun out of decorating. *Can this be fixed please?

    Thank you for all you do!!

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    Hello- for the past 2 or 3 days I will experience periods where my game will close out seconds after I try to play it. This will go on for a few hours and then stop closing so I can play. Is anyone else having the same problem? What should I do? I have an iPhone X - BS version 1.8.4.

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    Does anyone know why my game keeps crashing? I tip around 5 or 6 people and my game crashes. Or I’ll be trying to bake food and my game will randomly just crash?

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    When my game opens I can usually play for 2-5 seconds before the screen freezes and I can’t move or select anything. Several of my dishes have spoiled because of this and I’ve lost time for the current goals. Somehow my iPad doesn’t do that but I can’t play on my iPad all the time as it’s at home. I’m using an iPhone 6s Plus and it’s updated to the latest version of iOS

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    why are people complaining about the non xmas items in the game? it was a black friday sale, not a xmas sale

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