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Thread: Lamiales Dragon - May 28 2019 (Needed for the Pollen Fever World Event)

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    Lamiales Dragon - May 28 2019 (Needed for the Pollen Fever World Event)

    Rarity: Common
    Type: Flower, Purple Red
    Habitat: Blossom Cycle, Purple Gardens Red Rocks
    Available at: Level 15
    Buying Price: 400
    Selling Price: 100

    Breeding Combination: Green + Red
    Breeding & Incubation: 4 hours
    Exp Gained: 780

    Lamiales aren't exactly flowers, they are a group of flowering plants that have over 23,000 species. I wonder if the Devs are trying for irony by naming this "ultra-rare-common" dragon after a flowering plant group that is so common that if spit in your garden or park, you're likely to be showering one of them.

    Anyway, good luck to us all. Try to breed or craft (or breed AND craft) this dragon early so as to earn points from evolving her and then sending her out for quests.

    There are only ten possible outcomes for breeding Green and Red, and thankfully all the failures, except for a 12-hour Dino Dragon, are below 10-hours.

    It took me ten tries pairing a Wild and Forestfire Dragon, but all the failures had timings of eight or less hours, so the breeding and hatching boosts knocked down the gold cost to 16



    Good luck to everyone
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    Got it third try with Neo Green and Playful

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    First try Forest and Neo Fire

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I think I fainted got it first try Forest - Fire.

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    4th try with Fire and Forest.

    Much faster than any other recently

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    First try. Forest - Fire.

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    The name says it all
    Third try with Crusader and Quetzal. All I want is Chrysanthemum. The other two dragons will be sold off at the end of this.

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    Quetzal x Crusader = 4 hour Garland ....
    Quetzal x Crusader = 3 hour Life
    Crusader x Quetzal = 4 hour Garland
    Crusader x Quetzal = 12 hour Dino
    Crusader x Quetzal = LAMIALES
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    First try Fire + Forest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shanndol View Post
    First try Fire + Forest.
    Is it Fire + Forest or Forest+Fire?
    I tried Fire and Forest and got a 5 hr breeding time. Thanks for your help.

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