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Thread: Questionable Story Lines in Video Ads

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    Questionable Story Lines in Video Ads

    While many of DS' players are adults, I believe that there are also a large number of kids who enjoy this game, so I question whether anyone has vetted the adverts in the videos for appropriateness? Case in point, "MyCafe - Recipes & Stories."

    Their "stories" have usually been a little questionable, but the one I got today took the cake!

    Woman cradling a baby: How did I end up in this position?

    Flash back six months

    Son introduces his girlfriend to his dad.

    Flash forward three months from introduction

    Dad flirting with son's girlfriend.

    Son's girlfriend: You are so funny ...

    In many countries that I've been in, such scenes would only play on the television during hours when the kids are in bed

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    I will pass your concerns of the content over.
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