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  • I got the turtle

    37 20.56%
  • I didn't get the turtle

    141 78.33%
  • I didn't get any Fungi kids

    2 1.11%
  • I got 1 of the Fungi kids

    10 5.56%
  • I got 2 of the Fungi kids

    15 8.33%
  • I got 3 of the Fungi kids

    13 7.22%
  • I got 4 of the Fungi kids and Truffle

    129 71.67%
  • I couldn't play - too many issues

    12 6.67%
  • I have a L6 Mushroom Fortress

    145 80.56%
  • I didn't get enough fabric to upgrade to L6

    16 8.89%
  • I had trouble spawning fangbeasts

    93 51.67%
  • I wasn't able to get 3 magic mushies daily

    108 60.00%
  • I got Portia Bella

    135 75.00%
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Thread: Castle Story 5/23: A Sporadic Occurrence event | goals and inventory info on page 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smeaksy View Post
    Hi, what level do you have to be for fang beast? I'm lv 16 and only getting skunkpines for this even. Really frustrating as even when I use gems, still no beast in traps :/.
    I'm surprised the traps didn't work. Did you clear parked monster from your kingdom before chopping the trap?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ladyperidot View Post
    Same here. We are how many days in and I still have never gotten all three daily goals.

    It?s weird. Today I logged on around 7am eastern time and had goal 2 (no other) with 16 hrs left. I completed it, collected and chopped. Then I force closed and came back. Goal 1 then appeared with 20 hrs left. Did it and chopped mushroom - anybody need ant filigree paths? I wish I could sell them.
    Never have gotten #3.

    Ditto. This is my experience as well as finishing goal 2, reset, gone.

    I think this whole event is an ode to the botched GoT season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by farmerted7 View Post
    Ditto. This is my experience as well as finishing goal 2, reset, gone.

    I think this whole event is an ode to the botched GoT season.
    I received all 3 goals last night at 1:30 am. I did Goal 1 and Goal 2 had vanished. Completed Goal 3. Today mid morning or possibly early afternoon (I had a busy day and forget), Goal 2 showed up. I completed it, the Baron popped up. I placed the Mushroom reward. It vanished and when I checked the Goal, it showed 1/2. I had to fight another fangbeast and did finally get the mushroom. Most days, I do not get all 3 goals or if I do, they vanish or the reward vanishes. Very difficult to get the mushroom children. I have filigree paths but did mysteriously get one of the mushroom kids (CH. . . )

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    Groundhog Day comes to mind.....
    No Gems For Runes!

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    RK, you are so right. Without doubling up on comments I have had most of the issues listed in related threads. The game is the community, I even bought Midnight Mushrooms to try to win characters.. nothing. Also at level 6 Mushroom crown drops are still really small. I?m still doing adventures but with poor results.

    This whole experience has dulled my enthusiasm for events. I was so disappointed that I almost deleted my game at level 50, playing for about 10 years. But great community, but will never recommend game or pay another cent to S8. Storm 8 needs to lift its game of customer service.
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    Weird- now I got Goals 1 and 2 second time today - but still no 3rd goal

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    At this point I, like others, will just be happy to qualify for the community prizes. To be five days of steady play in, and in fact with extra time spent due to a holiday, and only have 161 of the item that goes toward the community prize is unheard of. Just when I started doing events again because they'd become more reasonable...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destiel0918 View Post
    Well, only 2 daily goals AGAIN: Midnight Goals 1 and 2 - but NOT 3.

    This is now 3 days in a row.
    2 days in a row that I received Goals I and III at 1:30 am ET. Today, The missing Goal II arrived around 10:30 am, I think.

    So, several people receive Goals I and II but not Goal III but I receive Goala I and III. It would make sense for it to be the same. It is definitely a Sporadic Occurrence.

    Oh, and the Midnight Mushroom tonight gave me enough crowns to get a Midnight Mushroom at 150 points but that is all I got. Not even any paths.

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    I hate visiting other kingdoms as it takes ages -.-
    Got all 3 mushrooms today - chopped them - one girl yeah! Reboot. No mushroom chopped. Girl gone and one mushroom lost. Great. Neighbor requests are annoying but I had never such proplems with that

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    on the goal I with visitng neighbors. you don't have to tap ALL 5 hearts for it to count! i only tap one heart so that eveyrone else who is visiting has a chance to find some hearts. i mean my queendom is wicked red so its at the bottom of most people's lists & it is always sparkling. and since ihave leveled my building up to a 6 already, i avoid tapping on other's mines if i can because i know people are getting the sporeestruck moss from tapping on other's mines. i don't need any more. i have plenty of extra material that i would love to give away to others for free. of course the only thing i dont have extra of are the little people b/c i recieved the one chick twice. an no turtle.
    i haven't recieved Portia Bella yet. but i should by the end of the day
    but you can tap only a few and leave the rest of the hearts to everyone else. especially since some people have to attempt these goals multiple times for it to go through

    when i actually went into my account this morning, i had all 3 goals there! i haven't had goal III since the first day. i did goal 1 first. came back & goal III is gone

    you need 15 hearts from neighbors. not 15 invdividual neighbors. my game (since we all have been playing the same different event) had a glitch in the goals that did not register like everyone else. apologies to anyone who was confused
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    *accepting new neighbors. I answer all requests, but don't visit daily

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