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  • I got the turtle

    37 20.56%
  • I didn't get the turtle

    141 78.33%
  • I didn't get any Fungi kids

    2 1.11%
  • I got 1 of the Fungi kids

    10 5.56%
  • I got 2 of the Fungi kids

    15 8.33%
  • I got 3 of the Fungi kids

    13 7.22%
  • I got 4 of the Fungi kids and Truffle

    129 71.67%
  • I couldn't play - too many issues

    12 6.67%
  • I have a L6 Mushroom Fortress

    145 80.56%
  • I didn't get enough fabric to upgrade to L6

    16 8.89%
  • I had trouble spawning fangbeasts

    93 51.67%
  • I wasn't able to get 3 magic mushies daily

    108 60.00%
  • I got Portia Bella

    135 75.00%
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Thread: Castle Story 5/23: A Sporadic Occurrence event | goals and inventory info on page 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by federerGOAT View Post
    Have you tried putting your mines away?
    Put it away and take it back out.
    Rinse and repeat until you get enough moss.
    Should take less than two minutes to get all the moss you'll need.

    This was a great find by Melany77
    Thank you FedererG, I got my first two moss this morning when I collected from my own mines. I then visited a neighbour and tapped their mine and I got one moss from there, so that?s a huge improvement for my game today because until this morning that was not happening for me but I went back and did as you said..... stored my mines and success with that today also, moss dropped nearly every time I stored them so now I have all the moss I?ll need! Thanks for the reminder because I wasn?t even going to bother trying to store them again today and thanks Melany77 for sharing this info.

    I also got all three of the daily tasks today and was able to complete them all. Each time I was rewarded the mushroom I placed it and chopped it straight away and got my reward, unfortunately it was just paths (and a few crowns) but that?s better than having it disappear. I was afraid to leave it in storage or on my board to chop later and I?m glad I did as I see other players have reported they got the prize only for it to disappear on them. I have two of the little mushroom kids, Trumpet and Crimini. I hope I get more. I have a unearthly amount of paths that I wish I could share with those who really want them.

    My fangbeasts spawned from my cows and from the hatcheries incase anyone is wondering. I always have issues getting fangbeasts to spawn for events so I?m hoping they?ll continue to spawn from the cows being we need to collect from the cows anyway to get mushrooms.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ShibuyaCloth View Post
    Could be so far what was announced was: Energy, Longsword, Hearty Feast, Simple Feast

    So not sure it will a full Ali, more like a daily ali + other stuff.
    Where was energy mentioned for Portia Bella? I must have missed the announcement. All I have seen is the 2 Feasts and the Longsword and more.

    I found it Shibuya on the Inventory Card - right where it supposed to be. lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by stm4522 View Post
    Where was energy mentioned for Portia Bella? I must have missed the announcement. All I have seen is the 2 Feasts and the Longsword and more.
    Back on it's inventory card.

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    Quote Originally Posted by riverly View Post
    Same here. Just the two goals, but at least they're working. One thing I noticed is that when I hit the GO button, it takes me to Community instead of Neighbors, so I have to hit the Neighbors tab to get to the right place. But like I said, I am getting the choppable mushrooms.
    Same here. I have never gotten all three goals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by suzishine View Post
    This sporadic event is simply as the name states sporadic.. especially the goals for midnight mushrooms. They do occur sporadic ...
    Soooo.... maybe the glitches are intentional in the spirit of a truly "sporadic" experience?
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    Second day in row - ONLY 2 Daily goals. Like yesterday - Only Midnight Mushroom Grove I & 2 appeared.
    Missing the 3rd goal - again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShibuyaCloth View Post
    Remember this event is called "Sporadic Occurrance" (ps not "Sporadic Occurrence"), so it must be part of the event
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    Wouldn?t at least the first community goal normally be completed by now?

    Not everyone is on the forums. I know people have RL stuff going on especially during holidays but I think it?s because of the mess this event is. People are using their feet instead of their mouths or wallets to give their opinion. Mouths and wallets tend to be ignored.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destiel0918 View Post
    Śo I got the Portia Bella.

    Collection time is 7 days. And takes 644 gems to speed it up.

    Attachment 51933 Attachment 51934

    Given her 7 day timer, I do hope she is more like Alicorn in disguise than another disappointment.
    oh cool, thanks! For some reason I was thinking it was another walker.
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    What is the average number of adventures to get the turtle? I haven’t been counting but I have done quite a few. I know the drops are pretty sad but I’m one of those sad OCD ADD types that tries to get everything from the events even if I am not that impressed with it. Even though S8 often changes or removes the rewards with time. I don’t understand why they increase the timer and lower drop rates. It doesn’t cost them anything to let us get the expansion tickets and things we worked hard to get the items that drop them and often spend real money to boot. I guess they want us to spend even more and buy what is supposed to drop. Portia doesn’t sound like her drops are anything special , why does it take a week to collect from her? Any ideas? I am at a loss as to what is going on in the heads of the devs.
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