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  • I got the turtle

    37 20.56%
  • I didn't get the turtle

    141 78.33%
  • I didn't get any Fungi kids

    2 1.11%
  • I got 1 of the Fungi kids

    10 5.56%
  • I got 2 of the Fungi kids

    15 8.33%
  • I got 3 of the Fungi kids

    13 7.22%
  • I got 4 of the Fungi kids and Truffle

    129 71.67%
  • I couldn't play - too many issues

    12 6.67%
  • I have a L6 Mushroom Fortress

    145 80.56%
  • I didn't get enough fabric to upgrade to L6

    16 8.89%
  • I had trouble spawning fangbeasts

    93 51.67%
  • I wasn't able to get 3 magic mushies daily

    108 60.00%
  • I got Portia Bella

    135 75.00%
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Thread: Castle Story 5/23: A Sporadic Occurrence event | goals and inventory info on page 1

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    Another disappearing mushroom after I beat two fangbeasts. This is so ridiculous. Visiting community members has stopped showing up all together for me. I haven?t read far back but I suspect I am probably beating a dead horse here.

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    Anyone else starting to think we are all insane? Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. When are we going to learn...S8 doesn't care.

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    Maybe the key is to come here and complain about it?? I looked several pages back before I posted. No midnight mushroom. Just went back in and there it was.

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    But then I chopped it. Got Crimino, placed him, game reset. Still had the mushroom but just got crowns and a pathway. ����

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    This is beyond anything...never mind gem traps (different subject)n, 2 out of 3 daily goals, troll camp not dropping as it should . But I just got one of the little guys from the fancy mushroom, placed him and... you all know what happened.. game reset and he is gone ...I can spend money but if the game is supposed to be fee... we should be able to play at the regular level without S8 cheating ...

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    We need answers and a fix now it has been nearly a week
    Is everyone at S8 on holidays or asleep
    Wake up and fix these problems

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    Does Portia Bella drop full energy? She has a 7 day timer.

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    Sooo. ... already had Enoki and Crimino. Around 8 hours ago I did all 3 goals and received 3 mushrooms and put them on my board. Let them settle lol and tapped around my Kingdom.(still had more mushrooms in storage) Then tapped the 3 mushrooms and won Chanterelle. Visited a neighbour to set it. Took out 3 more mushrooms from storage but then crashed,got back into game and Chanterelle gone and mushrooms I tapped to get her was on board. Was shocked because I thought she was cemented to my board as I had visited a neighbour when I got her. Anyways I chopped mushrooms again and got Enoki yeyy....had a flicker glitch and he was gone.....sigh. Couple hours I got trumpet (which I didn't have). I stayed staring at screen for a while scared to move in case I triggered a crash lol.
    It's been so tough doing this event. I've been kicked out so many times and often not been able to load for hours at a time. Still have this thing where I can't smoothly switch accounts,it takes a while. Also have to log into forum every time I come here...and sometimes whilst I'm here. Every time I turn a page it reverts back to not full site. I can't even edit my posts. My cs has become a pain rather than a stressless pleasure.
    In 1 Kingdom I did get 2 turtles whilst trying for extra fabric. In Kingdom 2 no turtle.
    Hope everyone gets lucky and gets what they want.
    Big THANKS to posters with info and laughs. It helps a lot.

    Now trying to post this I'm told I'm not logged in but I can see I am at top of page.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kajohn345 View Post
    Does Portia Bella drop full energy? She has a 7 day timer.
    I had a curious neighbor who gemmed her timer and reported that they received 40 Energy and a black flag for Glimmerdust from her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnirasSweets View Post
    I had a curious neighbor who gemmed her timer and reported that they received 40 Energy and a black flag for Glimmerdust from her.
    Yay! Thank you! I will place her with my alicorns then

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