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  • I got the turtle

    37 20.56%
  • I didn't get the turtle

    141 78.33%
  • I didn't get any Fungi kids

    2 1.11%
  • I got 1 of the Fungi kids

    10 5.56%
  • I got 2 of the Fungi kids

    15 8.33%
  • I got 3 of the Fungi kids

    13 7.22%
  • I got 4 of the Fungi kids and Truffle

    129 71.67%
  • I couldn't play - too many issues

    12 6.67%
  • I have a L6 Mushroom Fortress

    145 80.56%
  • I didn't get enough fabric to upgrade to L6

    16 8.89%
  • I had trouble spawning fangbeasts

    93 51.67%
  • I wasn't able to get 3 magic mushies daily

    108 60.00%
  • I got Portia Bella

    135 75.00%
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Thread: Castle Story 5/23: A Sporadic Occurrence event | goals and inventory info on page 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eilonthay View Post
    ...we'll see if Portibella pans out to be worth the effort...
    She gives 40 Energy, I'd say she is worth it!

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    Drops from the turtle are not worth the effort unless you just want it for the looks.

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    I finished with six hours to spare. I thankfully, got Portia Bella and placed her without any problems. I got all four kids and Truffle and my fortress is level 6. I wasn’t able to get the turtle and after about 6 tries I stopped trying. My gold nuggets are worth more to me. If it pops up in the Baron’s tent or goes on sale I’ll consider buying it. It was my least favorite item in the event anyway.

    I know this event was wrought with problems but for me it was one of the more successful events I’ve played. I NEVER get all the side items from an event (blue paper peacock and many more items), so to get all the kids and Truffle was amazing for me and to finish (although cutting it close) with time to spare and get the final prize was great. I wasn’t even glued to my device to make this happen. I feel like I had time, which is not usually the case. It was a very strange event but good strange for me as it turns out. I’ll take that. Even my fang beasts cooperated.

    I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who posted here with info on how to overcome some of the problems, without all of you I wouldn’t have had a chance of finishing so, thank you! I hope those still trying to get to the finish line make it. I’m sorry to all the players who really just weren’t able to play at all no matter what they did. S8 messed this up but they did try to fix it and that worked for me, those free midnight mushrooms helped a lot and getting two mushrooms from fighting fang beasts when my third daily goal disappeared helped also, so thanks for that S8.
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    Quote Originally Posted by robotparade View Post
    She gives 40 Energy, I'd say she is worth it!
    I agree. With all the wonkiness that took place, I had decided not to participate at all in this event. After someone reported that she was kind of a weekly Ali and dropped 40 energy and with only about 3 days left to go I pulled out my level 3 fortress and started working my bum off upgrading it just so I could get enough mushroom crowns in time to get Portia Bella. With all the craziness going on with the midnight mushrooms I knew I couldn't depend on just the daily goals to get me enough mushroom crowns. I had to send out on a few adventures to try for the fabric thing since the troll camp had become very stingy.

    I had decided though, that I was NOT going to spend any money to get Portia Bella. I'm so glad that i didn't have to. I got enough crowns today with only a few hours left in the event. So yay. I had zero interest in the turtle and am not bothered that I didn't get it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wishtheywerereal View Post
    One of the lessons for me is that doing the events are in game useful... the agita over the daily mushrooms was a.MASSIVE repellent for me that prevented strategising for the Portobella 'ali'. If I had all the information at the beginning I may have got the fortress to L4 or 5 and at least got Portobella. We need more information and for these events to be properly planned with respect for players.

    I completely agree!!! We could pick which part of the events we actually wanted to participate if we have more information about the event rewards. I have no interest in the fortress...unless post event it starts to drop energy or some other useful item. But I wanted Portia Bella and would have been able to get her without the hassle of upgrading the fortress if I had known from early that she was an Ali in disguise.

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    Just finished!

    I got everything except the turtle (but not for a lack of trying haha)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destiel0918 View Post
    Weird- for me they stopped dropping immidiateluy after I upgraded to level 6.
    Same here. I avoided tapping some items and then realized it didn't matter.

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    I got Portia Bella but then logged back in after the event and she was gone and not in my inventory!

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    Need a 'I got 4 of the fungi kids but no truffle' option.
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    Hi, thank you so much for all the help and useful tips! (+mental support!)
    I discovered this forum at the beginning of this event, and I wish I had thought of it sooner.

    With you're help I managed to upgrade my mushroom fortress to level 6 (just barely) and I really like how it looks. Curious to what it will drop.
    I got Portia Bella and all the kids.
    I think it's surprising that 81% of the players who filled in the poll managed to upgrade their Mushroom Fortress to level 6 and only 75% got Portia Bella.
    In my opinion getting Portia Bella was easier than upgrading you're fortress to level 6. And if you did manage you're fortress, you should have gotten enough crowns for Portia.

    Didn't get the turtle, but I didn't really try for it either. (only did 2 adventures) My golden nuggets are to precious at the moment. I do think he looks adorable and it's a treat to see him in a neighboring king/ queendom!

    I have a question about the daily video's to win free gifts. I couldn't find the answer anywhere on the forum, so I hope you don't mind I'm asking it here.
    Does it matter which prize shows when you look at a video? Do you have a slightly increased chance of getting the shown item, or doesn't it matter at all?

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