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Thread: Suggestions For The End

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    Suggestions For The End

    I have been a daily player of Fantasy Forest Story since October 2014 and have only missed a handful of days in that time due to vacations or power outages (Yes, really!) and as a veteran of the game I?d like to make some suggestions. All signs over the past few months have pointed to the game winding down and the developers choosing to not continue with updates/upgrades and ending the game. Although communication has been severely lacking and no one seems to be willing to tell us anything, I hope this post doesn?t fall on deaf ears. Here are my suggestions for closing up the game:

    - Leaving the game playable, but with no micro-transaction store and no support. Some games chose to completely shut down when they end and have the app unopenable. Leave the game exactly as is, and it will be playable with existing content for as long as bugs and device upgrades allow.

    - Obviously best case scenario would be a space expansion. I have read that the reason they may be putting this off is due to issues with memory storage, and if that?s the case there are things that should be done instead like the following

    - Ability to place animals & habitats back into storage, this would allow us to use what forest space we have to display our favourite creatures and habitats without having to sell things off and never have them again

    - Do a ?stable? idea like some animal games, a habitat that when opened contains a limited number of animals we can place inside, almost like a second storage besides the one we currently have with decorations

    - Make coins valuable in the game, I like many other plays have hundreds of millions of coins with nothing to spend them on. Make some of the rarer animals or habitats purchasable by with a large sum of coins, or make upgrading existing habitats purchasable with coins as well

    - Obviously stop all weekly occurrences that need working employees (Tournaments, Colosseum, World Events, Storybook, Leaderboard). I promise that if given the choice of having a ?bare skeleton? of a game with no new weekly updates vs no game at all, we would all choose to at least still be able to play the game and see our animals.

    In summary, this game means a lot to me as I know it does a lot of you. Over the years I have become so attached to my animals and forest, I have spent countless hours rearranging and designing it to the point it is now. I hope the devs realize how much time and money we?ve all spent on this game, and chose to do right by us.

    Best regards, Eternal Forest
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    Thank you for your concerns, but we don't have any plans to shut down the game. Game development is dynamic and has cycles. Players have complained for a long time that they don't like a crowded event schedule.

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