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Thread: GOAL: Bee Time! - 2019 May 21 (15 Days)

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    Yes I'm actually sad this is happening. The game being so poorly designed is causing people to lose interest. Non existent recipes, poor coding & bad grammar are just killing the fun.

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    Thank you for all the info 🤗

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    At least the final prize is nice! For the first time since I started this game I want to actually finish the goal to get the prize.

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    No sticky cake. Not lovin? it.

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    I'm already baking my Daisy cakes, hopefully they'll fix the issues before the bugs appear on my cakes (( most issues had costed me time and foods ugh

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    Did any one report that we have no sticky cakes?

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    Show us some love S8, fix your bugs and glitches before release.

    Suggestions To Improve Game Experience HERE

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    Sticky Cakes are available

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    S8- Thanks for bringing back the sticky cake and also for adding the Daisy cake. I've never seen it before and it looks cute!
    S8- I still play your game and have spent money (when you actually have good sales like the last one). But, reusing old decor items, the constant typos and giving food and items the same names, the glitches and whatnot...I'm lost. Why?

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    HI?m furious I decided to use some gems and get the bonus prize, the garden cake. I ?skipped? the sticky cakes and the daisy cake. It took my gems and didn?t continue the steps. It just went back to the first step again and this time is asking for MORE gems for the same thing!,what?s going on with Storm8, the are really messing up lately and it?s costing me money!

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