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    I am STILL working on sister sister goal. Need 5 more inscriptions or whatever they are. All of a sudden my cows are not producing fertilizer. Collected from all 13 twice and not one bag of fertilizer...are there any other sources?

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    From The Hub, Inventory thread:

    Found: sheep, cows, conservatory, Sir Pigglesworth's Pen, all horses, Cozy Holiday Sheep (Baron's tent), Santa Sheep (Baron's tent), Ivy's Petting Zoo, Flower Power Sheep, Merry Reindeer, Jousting Steed, Clydesdale horse, Lucky Clydesdale, Grey Clydesdale, Sir Daisy, Pfefferknot Pony, Ugly Goose, swan, black swan, Vineyard horse, Tinsel ram, Turkey cow, Woodland bull, Alcina, Giles (gnome horse), Spring clydesdale, Spring steed, Donkey, Mother goose, Highland cow, Dark Unicorn, Armored Dark Unicorn, Birthday Cow, Mummy Cow, Gingerbread steed, Snow Ape, Wee Wedding Pony
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