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It doesn’t matter how many request you send out at a time, because the most you can receive is 20. The game does not send the request to the first 20 on your list but to all that your select.

As for me, this is always the Act that worries me the most because things are out of our control; we are at the mercy of the game-server’s efficiency and our neighbor’s attentiveness. I have an alarm set to alert me when Chapter 10 becomes active and would immediately send out request to all my neighbors, regardless of whether they are active or inactive. I would follow that up with the planting of six Fireapples and by this time, I would already have the final decoration crafted and ready for collection and the second dragon raised to level-12 too.

I would usually get five reply’s within two hours and the only thing left for me once they come in is the last four battles.
yeah. well i got a grand total of 3 responses. and i counted what i got that day. 3 maps from a request several days ago & 3 from that last act. i used gold to get past it.
but by the time i did that and even sped up my battle count down....i missed the final prize by about 3 seconds. seriously. because at the end, i couldn't log in. or i would win a battle & it didn't count.