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Thread: SOLVED: May Brunch - Goal 1, Task 1 counter not registering

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    I?ve served strawberry cake & purchased the wall paper strawberry cake for (gems )?it?s not registering. What?s going on ?

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    There's literally nothing to say other than the fact that this is really disappointing, the game should have been for "everyone" and they still want to make people spend gems which have been painstakingly collected on wallpapers that we don't need/not to our liking, we won't be applying those all over... I hope Storm8 gives a compensation of more time over the goal tasks because of this bug, every minute matters..

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    I also tried cooking strawberry cake and spending the last of my 18 gems to buy the wallpaper but none of it counted. Maybe they listed it wrong and the system can’t recognize either because the instructions and the picture don’t match, just a guess ����*♀️.

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    Served 6 strawberry cakes and like the others, did not register.

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    Can someone please post and tell us when the bug it fixed? I?ve been making a lot of strawberry cake and it?s still not working, just waiting for the game to register it. Guess that means they haven?t fixed it yet.

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    Did anyone get the cake to see work my isn't working

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    Nothing registering for strawberry cake.. I made 6 and still says zero.

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    Same problem here with the cake. Bought 1 oven for gems. Was very upset and refuse to spend more

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    Same for me. Spent 5 gems to buy one oven, served six Strawberry Cake, spent 18 gems to buy 6 strawberry cake wallpaper panels. Goal does not recognize recipe cooked or wallpaper purchased. I want credit for both and I want a refund of 23 gems. Thank you in advance!

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    Can anybody tell me what the strawberry cake is that you're supposed to be making cuz it's not in the basic oven made that one in and it didn't show up so if anybody knows which one it is please help

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