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Thread: GOAL: May Brunch - 2019 May 16 (5 Days)

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    Very greedy Storm8. I’ve never bought gem ovens and I won’t be buying this time either.
    Not accepting new neighbours in bakery story at the moment. Thank you.

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    I have never used gems for appliances, I am not about to start now. This is better not be the norm from now on.

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    You’ve hit a new low Storm8. This goal is only possible for “ The Chosen Few” that get to manufacture 10 gems a day. If your going to have goals like this, you need to give that feature to everyone.

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    This sucks.

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    Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, storm8 decides to force players to use gems in order to progress through goals. NO THANK YOU.

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    2nd Reminder

    As mentioned in Post 1. Please proceed to Bugs forum for reporting of bugs or updates on bugs. Thanks!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rynetory2 View Post
    Gentle Reminder:

    Goal 1, Task 1 is not registering - reported
    I'm seeking confirmation if it's to buy wallpaper or serve strawberry cakes, neither are registering. Please see/report in Bug thread.

    For other bugs report, kindly post in the Bugs and Issues forum. Thanks for your cooperation.

    Added to Post 1.

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    This is exactly how I feel. I already got annoyed when they changed the regular goals. I was not able to complete the last goal because it took so long (first time not completing a goal in years) and now this. It is like they are hearing our complaints and doing the exact opposite. Or maybe they are blatantly ignoring us. Either way, I will skip this goal. If this continues I may just delete the game. Been a player since 2011 but this is

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Searched and this one Seems to be the Goalprize

    but storm 8 really?! I'm not amused too the way u make people buy gems for playing a goal!
    Not adding new neighbors at the moment!

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    I already bought one a long time ago just for the 1 gem profit. So I'll skip the step for 2 gems and earn 4 gems from mastering 3 new recipes this time around. 4 gems are definitely worth it for me.

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    It seems like the goals are all glitched lately. Couple times in a row where recipes could not be found and had to be added to basic stove. Now in Restaurant Story the wallpaper and floors patterns have been switched, it looks terrible. And now this. 5 days for a gem only stove? What's going on? Looks to me like some things in the development department are broken.

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