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The fact that baby dragons work for some people on the "difficult" dragons just speaks to how broken the code is with respect to tournaments. That should not be the case. I've tried that technique when having trouble and it has never worked for me over the years.

The math has always shown the tournaments to be broken. Always has and always will. People who have worked hard to upgrade a versatile crop of arena dragons should not be subjected to this kind of garbage. Tournaments shouldn't be a cake walk, but if you have an elite fighting squad, you should be able to reap those benefits instead of getting cheated.
I see your frustration point. But if you look at it from the view point of new players, how will they ever have a chance at these tournaments if they’re required to have an “elite fighting squad” which would take months, if not years to build

I’ve been playing this game for only couple months I think, or maybe 3 months. Can’t remember exactly haha. I’m level 100. This is my first tournament that I’m attempting to get to the end. I have 90% doubt I can do it . As for my *elite fighting squad* I’ve only got Huntress 14 and Neo Diamond 14. The rest are babies level 4 mostly ��

So then am I supposed to sit and twiddle my thumbs for months and years while building up an “elite fighting squad” and can’t participate in tournaments? There has got to be a balance so both new and old players can play the tournaments and nobody has to sit out. Just saying..