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In most cases, all dragons have a 10% chance of beating high level champions except ADIPS dragons (Achilles, Diamond, Infinity, Passion and Soccer) which all have a 15% shot. Your level 3 Crusader was one of the lucky 10% and I congratulate you but I warn you it's not of the normal. Fact is a level 1 Coral can beat a level 20 champion on any given day. But, with that, I wish you the best of luck in finishing the tournament and good job in thinking outside the box in choosing your level 3 Crusader against Prize Fighter. As I always suggest to others, thinking outside the box works sometimes.
Thank you! Your encouraging words and advice are very invaluable

I’m sooo close. Being blocked by #29 Odessey . Been throwing dragons at it all day but nothing working. Metal got pretty close. But I need to save food to level it up higher. But can’t feed it right now. I need to save 300k food for Tales which is next event

Anyways, I got pretty close to the end with only Huntress 14 and Neo Diamond 14. Alternating between them if one goes down in the spa

About ADIPS dragons. Can they be crafted with essence? Last time we spoke, I asked you for advice on which fighter to craft as my first and you gave a list. But these ADIPS are not on that list? So which one should I craft first? Can you just pick one for me haha. It takes me ages to save up food for one level 14. I don’t want to craft the wrong one and waste food on it