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Thread: Castle Story 5/9: Dangerous Gardening | goals and inventory info on page 1

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    I'm not complaining...I have enough gold. This morning I got 3 trade tickets from the garden so it is keeping me happy for now

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    I think I've only gotten 1 gold item from all 4 accounts, collecting daily, and it wasnt a nugget.
    Plz add: SofiaDeo, pinkpresence (Pinks Place), impylou (Queen Impylou on CS, Lil Sof on DS), aaerie.
    Plz ask all 4 or none, thx!
    Also have a non playing Level 6 acct just for sending out reqs: BigNutKracker (BNK).
    I rarely post on walls, will post on mine when taking a break

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