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Thread: Cannot access game (all related threads moved here 7/8 May) RESOLVED

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    The same?so painful??almost a day now?cannot access the game. Changing device/Internet does not help at all. I have tried ipad, different phones, also three different wifi/cellular networks, none works. It's about the account. Hope S8 will do some compensation for us.

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    Are any of you who were encountering this able to access the game now? Please fully close out of the app and relaunch to confirm.

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    SpiritWind00 we are grateful for all you do for us. And I shared the frustration of others about completing our monster and siren times tasks. Could you give us a status update and whether it will be possible to get an extension on these tasks. I have be unable to sign in for 20 hours :-(:

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    Quote Originally Posted by deadpixel View Post
    I have two CS game accounts tagged to different Storm8 IDs.

    One of them is at level-50 and was created about two or at the most three years ago that HAS NO ISSUES connecting to the game.

    The other is an abandoned CS game account, which is at level-29, which I created when S8 first launched CS, that CANNOT connect to the game.

    And it appears that the issue is the same for me across the other Storm8 games. The level I am at does not seem to matter; it is the age of my game account, not Storm8 ID, that is affecting my ability to connect.
    Wow!!! Now this is a very interesting post! My account was created shortly after CS was launched. Are there any folks with this issue of connecting using a relatively new account?

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    I went out of game a lot of times but game still will not load

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    I?m having the same issue... it says I?m not online, when I know I am... did all the usual suggestions to try to fix it with exactly the same results... for me it started at least 16 hours ago... I too am close to getting some of the permanent monsters & am wondering now if I?ll have the time...

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    I'm having same issue .... using ipad that has game installed... so definitely has internet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jool54 View Post
    I have a bad feeling about this. No word from S8 yet makes me think that they lost all this data.
    I am concerned but don't think they would lose all our game data. At the very most, we'd lose a day's worth of progress, assuming they perform daily backups of their servers.

    What I'm hoping is that the cause of this issue is a failed switch or router or better yet, a network cable.

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    Have tried this several times today but still no joy.

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    18 hours and counting with NO ACCESS to CS or FFS.
    I am incredibly frustrated that they have not even bothered to let us know what's going on. Even if it's a "small" percentage of us that have been shut out in the midst of goals, it was a huge deal to us!

    THANK YOU moderators & forum participants for the invaluable help!
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