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Thread: Cannot access game (all related threads moved here 7/8 May) RESOLVED

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    Game not loading on my ipad and my android telephone. Tried removing and reinstalling but that did nothing.

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    Someone wondered if it was game-level related, for me:

    * High level Dragon Story - locked out for over 12 hours.
    * level 13 Dragon Story - no problems

    * High level Fantasy Story - locked out
    * level 11 Fantasy Story - no problems

    * High level Castle Story - no problems
    * level 13 Castle Story - no problems

    I live about 5 miles away from storm8 headquarters. I'll bet it's really interesting in there right now.
    Dragon Story, Castle Story, Fantasy Forest: Nuicakes
    Playing on an iPad Pro 11" with 4 GB RAM, 512 GB storage, A10X Fusion cpu and using 5 GHz wifi.

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    I'm having the same issue. I hope they sort this out soon.

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    Another victim of the fake Internet connection error. 2nd day without access to Castle Story, but every other IOS app on my iPad works fine. Maybe it is a sign for me to just quit. Btw, for some of the posts speculating about the Love Shack, I don’t have Love Shack. Started the game after Love Shack was unavailable.

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    No connection Castle story

    I can?t open my castle story game for the last 24 hours. It keeps saying I need internet, but I was connected with my Wi-Fi and my phone has connection too. All my other games are working. Help me! I?m losing opportunities to trade for new animals

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    I’m having the exact same issue too, super frustrating! Any help would be much appreciated!

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    Please S8...tell us what's going on...
    We need some information...

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    Exact same issue with my IPad - worked fine yesterday morning. Now it says I need internet connection when there is one.

    I installed it on my Iphone to see if it worked there and it worked.

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    I also have the exact problem my game is not loading since early this morning please help i need to trade some animals

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    Wifi+CS issue! Most of the time, I need to switch off my wifi to play. Only for CS, my orher apps are fine.
    Castle Story "Tome of Knowledge", visit for: Interactive Map, Inventory Cards, Detailed Inventory, and more...

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