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Thread: Cannot access game (all related threads moved here 7/8 May) RESOLVED

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    It's been over 24 hours for me. I've played for 5 years and never had this happen. I'm sure they'll make it right for us. When I checked my profile I saw how much I've spent lately, they'll want to keep me playing. ��

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    Game will not open since this morning

    Quote Originally Posted by Gabi2003 View Post
    I can?t open my castle story game for the last 24 hours. It keeps saying I need internet, but I was connected with my Wi-Fi and my phone has connection too. All my other games are working. Help me! I?m losing opportunities to trade for new animals
    Game will not open since this morning saying I need internet connection. But I have internet and everything else is working fine, even fantasy forest

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    I am also experiencing this issue 😢 This is the worst event to be having issues on! So frustrating!

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    Same. Haven?t been able to load since around 8pm last night. My home and work Wi-Fi are fine.

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    It would be nice to have an update even if it's yes we are aware there's an issue and we are actively working on it. Even if they post a time when they will then give us another update after that would be helpful.

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    What is going on I have not been able to connect for over 20 hours.

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    Issues logging in

    Anyone having issues logging in? My account keeps giving me the ?Castle Story is an online game? I?ve uninstalled the app and reinstalled but I keep hitting ?try again? and it?s just not going through. Help!

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    I was just able to get on, yay!!��

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    Thumbs down

    Getting madder by the minute due to the LACK of acknowledgement from S8.

    I am submitting several requests to Apple to REFUND all purchases from S8 games made in the last 3 days. I bought them in order to achieve a goal that is no longer a possibility. That's not including ALL the items we have been UNABLE to tickets, mithril, coins, challenges, etc.

    I don't like to sound vindictive, but S8's blatant lack of information after our (awesome) forum moderators informed of them of our situation has gotten my goat up.

    It's a thought guys....
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    Quote Originally Posted by wavelove View Post
    I was just able to get on, yay!!😁

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