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Thread: Fyber issue

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    Fyber issue

    I recently completed one of the activities to earn free gems. Leveled up to 20 in Legendary. It?s been over a week and I haven?t received the gems (first time, I?ve done a lot of these). I followed the recommended steps I found in another thread and reported it in the status section. When i check back it still says incomplete and that they sent me an email. Nope. No email to be found and I don?t see anything about how else to contact them. Any Fyber help available? I?d really love to get my 314 gems. Thanks!

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    I have a section here about Fyber

    I don't have an email for them but if they said they sent you check your spam/junk folder in your email program. There are emails in their privacy statement so maybe read through that and see if you find what you need.

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    Thanks spiritwind. The link you posted was what I had found previously and I did as described. I?ve checked all my mail on all my devices just in case and I?ve got nothing. Still no gems either. I will try that last email address in the privacy section but it doesn?t look like where I need to be. Disappointing that they don?t provide a contact for help with problems like this.

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    No replies from any Fyber emails and still no gems..... 🙁🙁🙁. And now it?s disappeared from the status page
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    Come on🤯

    So really, is there no way to contact Fyber or get this resolved? Somebody at storm8 has to be able to talk to these people...obviously I won?t be doing anything requiring a purchase if there?s no way to get an answer if something goes wrong!!!

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