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Thread: Castle Story - May 2019 to current (look for new neighbours here!)

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    Castle Story - May 2019 to current (look for new neighbours here!)

    Looking for active neighbors? Post your ID here. Only one post per ID please.

    Please note that it is polite to leave a message on a player's in-game wall to say you've sent an invite.

    Note: You can delete your own posts in this forum only.

    Make sure you check the Hub for links to all of the excellent game guides and other helpful information on how to play and enjoy Castle Story!

    * Main Game Guide Links: Main Story Goal Guide | Building Guide | Inventory Guide | Story Outline Guide | The HUB! sub-forum

    * Other Useful Game Guide Links | The Town Square & Crown Guide | The Elven Outpost | The Baron's Game Tent Guide | Monster Hunt Guide | Adventure Guide | Information Nugget #5 - Beasts | Update Guide | New Player Guide | Add Me Forum

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    (I am not accepting new neighbour requests at this time... sorry.)

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    Need active neighbors. Please add Kasia0782

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    Just started playing Castle Story in addition to RS & BS, please add lavenderbutterfly123

    Thank you!

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    Feel free to add me. y2hecate

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    add up! heatherfayee

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    Add me: kristalynn0823 (I don't have access to the forum to that account but it's what I use to play all my games on)!!

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    Add me Reba000

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    Level 50 player for a long time. My gifting neighbors have disappeared so that I am down to 2. Usually like 4-5 and I return in order so not looking for many people.

    Need to be 45+ (sorry have around 200 neighbors) gift regularly and dont mind if it takes an extra day or two (thats my max) to get back

    That went fast! I have enough gifters. Thank you
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    Play often, help w/ requests & gifts. Looking for 1-2 40+ to exchange wisps I have great neighbors I gift but they?re often full. I gift back in order so it would be 1-2 days

    Love the game & aesthetics, want it to look real/fun & true! During quests sadly aesthetics put aside for collections, but happy when over. Have expansions to improve as well!
    Still part of the confirmation button club!

    Life is more fun if you play games" - Roald Dahl 

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    Add me: annamng
    I'm a level 50 player

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    Hi! Add me at IrishDerp ☘️
    Only on level 9 but I?m very active every day.

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