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Thread: Gifting Gems?

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    Gifting Gems?

    I'm trying to figure out if I am having a gem gifting & receiving issue or did my three steady grifters all quit at once. (It's not like I can ask them). I am using an Android Xperia phone and I haven't received a gem in several days. When I go to gift, I can only give two gems now.

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    You should be able to gift 1 gem to 3 different neighbours per game day. If you get the message that it wasn't sent cos your neighbour is full, it will still be sent through. If you are worried, I would suggest that you contact Support: support form and have an agent to check your game. By the way, no gifting issue reported so far other than yours and my game is working fine. Best that you contact support for further investigations. All the best!

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