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  • I like this event

    13 36.11%
  • I didn't like this event

    14 38.89%
  • I started but I couldn't complete

    14 38.89%
  • Raccoon

    19 52.78%
  • Tilapia Pond

    13 36.11%
  • Gnome litter picker

    14 38.89%
  • Truck Garden

    9 25.00%
  • Upcycled Wagon Planter

    6 16.67%
  • Bike Planter

    9 25.00%
  • Pretty Park Bench

    11 30.56%
  • Clean Trash Can / Garbage Truck

    8 22.22%
  • Solar Panel / Wind Turbine

    10 27.78%
  • I didn't like the prizes

    6 16.67%
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Thread: Hashtag Trashtag - 2019 Apr 24 (POLL ADDED)

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    Mar 2015
    i am sooooo grateful that we also had a leaderboard going on; otherwise, i really would not have much to show for the past 14 days of effort.

    so my unlucky streak continued, and i was not able to get the gnome nor the raccoon after 30+ collection turn-ins --- the only and last 2 items left on the list. sigh. oh well, got an overflow of some cute decorations. but man, i really would have loved that gnome for my private collection.....:'(

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    I never ever ever make it through these collections but on my second try I got the raccoon! I was totally shocked. I usually just focus on the leaderboard but I started late and got behind early and couldn’t ever catch up to get in the running. I did finish and get the Toucan which I was very happy about even more so than the Koala. But getting the raccoon was such a lucky draw! I’ve read here before when players get the prize early on in the collections and this is the first time for me. Thank you Storm 8! I haven’t won anything in awhile and got two really great prizes!!

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