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Thread: STORYBOOK: A Forest Empire - 2019 Apr 23 (POLL ADDED)

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    Quote Originally Posted by PuntaMita View Post
    Yes, I have the same situation. I'm breeding to fill up my mines for the final chapter as in the past I've needed a lot to collect the five broochstones or whatever.
    I also mine, then leave the game or visit a neighbor and go back in. Not sure if it helps but if I'm only getting food I retry later. Good luck
    me too, they seem to disappear the closer you get to the end of the storybook.

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    Did you like this event? Which prizes did you like?

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    Hatch a common Ice Queen . Yeah common whatever, over 25 trys what a total joke :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulmiddle View Post
    Still no luck with the Ice Queen so this will be the first storybook I haven?t been able to complete for ages��
    anybody think they forgot to add it to the breeding pool , very poor event to hatch a common over 25 trys so called common not hatched yet :/

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    I finally got the Ice Queen on the very last day. I used gems to skip that step earlier. Now I'm trying to finish up the battles. Still have 9 to go. Not having much luck. Just like in the casino's, the odds are against me. I haven't been able to complete a battle round in a long time. Even the 30 round tournaments the odds are against me. I don't like the fox so not spending gems to skip. Will try to win the battles but won't complete this if I can't get to 30. Getting tired of this game. I like DS better as there is more to do. There were hopes and dreams of more to do in this game but all that halted after the lay off they had so they are keeping their employees busy with creating more story lines to keep up with the back to back money making events and give us no real improvements to the game itself.

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