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Thread: Getting really sick of these major errors that leave a hugely unfair disadvantage!

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    Getting really sick of these major errors that leave a hugely unfair disadvantage!

    Alright so this problem has been ongoing repeatedly so it?s time to shed some light on it. Why on earth whenever I do these events, whenever I earn the flags of ANY kind for example sigil flag, the bombastic flag, and now the winter sigil and the dire Flag....whenever I earn these flags, I do no get them in storage like the game lies to me and goes immediately to storage to place them and it shows me there?s nothing there. Every single event. THIS happens. When I finally DO get the flags it?s an entire day later. A WHOLE DAY LATER! That?s many hours of earning that I miss out on every single event. And yes, I try restarting my game! REPEATEDLY! It doesn?t work!!!! It doesn?t give me my flags any faster. I see so many people with their flags long before I get them. Even now, I earned the dire flag well over an hour ago and I can?t use it because it will be another day before I even get it!! I can?t even SEE it in my storage.

    So, the next problem I have is the watch for a free gift videos. These videos, the family guy ad NEVER works. It repeatedly says ?Video did not finish, please watch again.? Or whatever. I saw that there was a thread about this, but nothing had been done about this!!!! Why?!? DS went down for maintenance the other day why wasn?t it fixed then?

    Dear Dragon story..... Can you please, please, please FIX my beloved game? We?re your loyal supporters at least let it work right for us!

    PS.not that it matters but it?s my birthday on April only wish for my birthday is a gold dragon that?s cheaper than 1,000 gold lmao. Even 600! Please ds. Lol.

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    This actually happen to me frequently, and all I have to do is exit the game and open it again to get the item(flag in this case).

    Maybe you should wait for a couple hours before open your game again?

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    I feel that alot of players will be disappointed with "spring sale". Gold producing dragon will be 50% off. But when it starts out at 4000 gold, it's not a sale. The marble key dragon im guessing will be in the same boat. ONLY 2000 gold!!! SPRING SALE!! I wish they would fix the game rather than pump out dragon after dragon and event after event. I used to spend money and I would again if they fixed the game. But the only way they will is if everyone stopped spending money.

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    i wish android players got videos. and earlier inwas doing a bingo battle in the tournament. it froze on starting battle #2 and afer winning, i go back, neither battle counted nor did my bingo wins, but i have the dragon healing as proof
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    If you don't see an item in your inventory immediately after earning it, the view may be out of date. Just relaunch the game or visit a neighbor to ping the server and refresh the view.

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